Bastilippo - Ramon Franco
Replica of antique Roman mosaics, oil lamps and sculptures

Replica of Roman Mosaics

Antique mosaics have their own very special charm. The homes of whealthy Roman families were decorated with a number of beautiful and extensive mosaics in their pavements. There, craftsmen knew the art of „painting with stones“, composing complex and detailed pictures out of a multitude of small stones of differerent colors and size.

Reproduktion römisches Mosaik Sieger-QuadrigaReproduktion römisches Mosaik Allegorische Darstellung des SommersReproduktion römisches Mosaik Darstellung der MedusaReproduktion römisches Mosaik Allegorische Darstellung von HispaniaReproduktion römisches Mosaik Allegorische Darstellung von RaetiaReproduktion römisches Mosaik Allegorische Darstellung TritonReproduktion römisches Mosaik Allegorische Darstellung Entfürung Europas
Reproduktion römisches Mosaik »Vorsicht vor dem Hund«Reproduktion römisches Mosaik VögelReproduktion römisches Mosaik DelfinReproduktion römisches Mosaik PfauReproduktion römisches Mosaik Eule
Reproduktion römisches Mosaik bene lavaReproduktion römisches Mosaik Fragment aus dem Mosaik »Die Trunkenheit des Herkules«Reproduktion römisches Mosaik Fragment aus dem Mosaik »Die Trunkenheit des Herkules«Reproduktion römisches Mosaik Geometrisches MosaikReproduktion römisches Mosaik Allegorische Darstellung Meeresmotive
Reproduktion römisches Mosaik Allegorische Darstellung von Herbst und Winter

Discover yourself the beauty of my replica of Roman mosaics. I produced all of them as exact copies of their Roman originals. Their authenticity and lively aspect is due to the fact that I work manually on every single stone (lat. tessera) to make it a fitting piece into the whole.

Depending on the client's order I design the mosaics as pictures for incorporating into pavements or for hanging on the wall. If you have a different motive that you would like to have reproduced as a mosaic, please let me know. You would need to provide me with a picture, so that I can create a scetch plan. The price for such an individual mosaic will be driven by the size, implied material and requirements.

The indicated prices of the mosaics do not include the shipping costs.

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